Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Peeve 0 - Where I Lay Down The Groundwork

verb: peeve; 3rd person present: peeves; past tense: peeved; past participle: peeved; gerund or present participle: peeving
  1. 1.
    annoy; irritate.
    "he was peeved at being left out of the cabinet"
    synonyms:irritateannoyvexangerexasperateirkgallpiquenettle, put out,get on someone's nerves, try someone's patience, ruffle someone's feathers; More
noun: peeve; plural noun: peeves
  1. 1.
    a cause of annoyance.
    "his pet peeve is not having answers for questions from players"

As a method of preventing the accumulation of stress brought on by the frustrations of daily life - and potentially improving my relationship with my wife, since she's usually the one most likely to hear my rants - I will start writing up the pesky things which I struggle to deal with.

Some will appear petty. Some will bring on a sense of déjà vu. Others will ponder the motivations of ego, id and superego when confronting a particularly delicious WTF situation. That, I'm sad to say, is not my primary intention but a fortunate side effect.

Please, if you should feel the need to play devil's advocate and propose that I meditate / be more tolerant / put things into context, please don't. I may give off the impression of being a raving madman at times, and using words such as "dude, chill" will only help remove the impression and solidify the fact.

Most of the entries under the peeve label will center around my fellow man's inability to consider his fellow man. This is probably the one single thing that gets my goat more so than any other. Rest assured that I will strive for quality, not quantity. Every attempt will be made to adhere to the truth in retelling these events, except for verbal embellishments where appropriate.

That last sentence will also serve as fair warning that strong language will definitely be used. It is supposed to be cathartic, after all.

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