Monday, March 17, 2014

World of Tanks - an enjoyable surprise

I've been playing World of Tanks regularly now for about the last year, having started mostly as a dare from a friend of mine.

...and I've been hooked.

I'm not sure what it is exactly what it was that drew me in as much as other games have in the past (City of Heroes, Planetside 2). The graphics are superb, yes. The gameplay learning curve is shallow enough for almost anyone while the min/maxers also find their fill while tweaking away their tanks to get that last 1% benefit. The historical accuracy is - while not spot on - close enough to reality that the immersion into the combat system just works.

It's grindy, it's sometimes slow, and often infuriating.

But in the end there is a visceral enjoyment for those interested in tank simulations that don't require a PhD in Tank Mechanics (just made that up) for the sake of realism.

Also, there's something to be said about the satisfaction one feels when hearing an enemy shell bounce off the carefully angled turret of a Russian IS-3 or German Jagdpanther, while hitting their ammo rack for a one-shot kill.

Of course, when the same happens to me it fuels Hulk-like rage fests with mouth frothing screams of "cheating bastard".

Good times.

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